Top 12 FAQs I Houston Boudoir Photographer

[Q.] I have no idea how to pose sexy. Will my pictures come out okay?

Mrs T Boudoir-4.jpg

[A.] Good news: there’s no correct way to “pose sexy”. Sexy is a mindset so it’s going to be unique to you and how you feel. As for posing during our session, I send all my clients my VIP Pinterest board that shows some of my favorite poses. Don’t worry - it’s totally normal to practice in the mirror!

And on top of all of that, once our session begins I will work with you and demonstrate how to get into each pose - all you’ll have to do is mirror me. I give simple verbal instructions like place your right hand on your hip, point your toes and arch your back.

The thing about posing is once you feel comfortable everything comes natural. And to help relax your mind from racing a thousand miles a minute I show you the images as I take them so you can get a idea of how you look, which is usually followed but a OMG is that meeeeeee?!

[Q.] How many/What kind of outfits do I bring with me?

[A.] After our session date is booked you will receive a email from me that breaks down exactly what to bring. Lingerie is a must, nothing screams sexy and boss-babe like lace,silk, and sheer outfits. Body suits and robes are amazing choices as well. I also encourage my clients to make it their own by bringing anything they feel comfortable in maybe a oversize sweatshirt or your hubby’s button up shirt.

Ms J Boudoir -10.jpg

As for accessories, the more the better! Anything from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, body chains, & fishnets. High heels are a MUST! I even offer a client wardrobe with pieces to fit every body type tall to short, petite to plus size.

[Q.] I’m a plus sized gal and I don’t think I have the body for boudoir?

[A.] Boudoir photography is for EVERYONE and if you have curves let’s celebrate them! And no you don’t need to lose 10lbs first - there’s magic we can make with angles, posing, outfit choices, and editing. Come as you are and let’s love and celebrate YOU!

[Q.] I’m not sure if I want to go fully nude, what are my options?

[A.] During pre-shoot consultation we discuss your comfort level. We use implied and nudity as a storytelling tool, and it’s never required. I won’t ever ask you to do anything that you’re not comfortable with. Communication, trust, and comfort are key so you will always have the final say so.

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