10 Silly excuses stopping you from a boudoir experience

1. “I need to lose 10 pounds first”

I actually hear this one a lot, I totally disagree a boudoir experience isn’t about how you look but more about how you feel. If you start setting artificial boundaries for yourself they will continue to grow, 10 pounds will turn into 15, then 20, and on and on. I tell all my clients it’s my job to highlight your body in a flattering way and we can easily minimize trouble areas with the right lighting and posing. My clients often tell me after our session is over and they are reviewing their images that they can’t believe thats them and that they are happy they didn’t wait.

2. “I’am not a model”

That’s great! I work with regular people and if the ladies in my portfolio look like models, then i’m doing my job :)

3. “I don’t know how to pose sexy”

I don’t think anyone does at first but the one thing I’ve learned after shooting boudoir is that sexy is another word for confidence and fun. If we’re having fun your natural glow or natural sexy will show. Plus I work with you during our session to show you exactly how to get in and out of the different poses. So as long as you can mirror me and my movements you’ll do just great!

4. “I’m not photogenic'‘

Before the rise of iphone’s I would argue most of us weren’t. Think about your favorite photos of yourself I bet they all have something in common. Were they taken when you were having fun, in your natural element (with family, friends, and loved ones) , or when you were celebrating a milestone or accomplishment? A boudoir session is touches on all of the above so your natural beauty will shine through plus after your hair and makeup session and we start trying on sexy lingerie its hard not to want to be celebrated and be paid attention to.

5. “I’m too scared to do this alone. I need moral support!”

That’s perfectly I do prefer to keep sessions confined to myself, my client and my hair/makeup artist only, I do allow friends to book sessions together. They often find that it’s a blast (and want to come back alone again!). I’ll warn you though, we do laugh a little too much.

6. “Oh my goodness, my photographer is going to see me naked”

This is an important question I get alot being nude is not required to do a boudoir session. I never make any clients do anything beyond what their stated comfort level is. With that most of my sessions start off in a big comfy sweater or oversized shirt and we naturally progress to lingerie and if you decide you are comfortable enough to be in various states of undress thats ok. Its a professional environment no different than how you would feel at your doctors office.

7. “I’ll be a nervous wreck the whole time”

Maybe for a little bit but not the whole time, lol but in all seriousness I find that some clients can be a tad bit overwhelmed but it fades away quickly. The first thing I’ll do is greet you and then we go into hair and makeup, I often have a light fare available and mimosa’s. After you’ve gone through your glam session you’ll feel a sense of ease, and once we start the shooting portion of the day its filled with laughter and your favorite Spotify playlist.

8. “I don’t have any sexy lingerie”

Well thats a perfect excuse to go shopping right? I always tell my clients to bring a big barney bag of everything they think they would want to wear. This includes lingerie, jewelry, shoes, and anything that makes you feel confident and sexy. In addition I provide a client lingerie wardrobe thats full of some of my favorite hand picked pieces for you to use during our session (all items are professional cleaned) and we carry all sizes from small to large.

9. “My friends and family will judge me”

Well, that’s fine, because you’re not doing it for them. You’re doing it for YOU. You don’t need anyone else’s approval but your own

10. “This is a once in a lifetime experience I should wait”

Yes and no this can definitely be something on your bucket list but I’ve found that I have a lot of repeat clients. Everyone loves to feel desired and you don’t have to experience this just once it could be something you do often. I’m always making changes to my sessions so you may want to come back for a couples session or for a angel wings shoot.