Our consultation

No 2 clients are the same and a boudoir experience is a very personal endeavor. Before we talk pricing, products, or sessions dates I want to first hear about you. Tell me what’s the motivation for this session! Are we celebrating a milestone birthday, a wedding gift for your fiance, a divorce gift to yourself, or maybe a bucket list you’ve been wanting to do FOREVER!

The first time we chat I’ll set up an in-person meeting or a video call. I will go over the what to expect, the timeline, cover how-to-prep, what to bring, and answer any question you may have big or small.



Let’s get your session scheduled

Typically my calendar books out 90 days in advance, most sessions take place weekdays and I reserve 1 Saturday per month. All sessions start at 11 AM.

First thing you do is go into hair and make up. We have a professional hair and MUA on staff and they will handle your glam session after you get your glam makeover. We will have a pre-shoot consolation and outfit selection. I will work with you to find our which outfits you brought that are your favorite, which one you want to get started in and what outfits you’d like to change into to. We also offer a client lingerie wardrobe that you can use as a supplement to what you have or chose from our wardrobe for all your outfit choices for your session. We carry a variety of sizes to fit every shape size and personality.

Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear


The session itself

Bring your favorite playlist and be ready to have fun! I will show you how to pose (so no need to Google how to pose sexy lol). I give very clear and concise verbal instructions on how to best pose you to emphasize what you love about yourself and your body, in addition, I will also show you how to get in and out of each pose by me poses myself, all you have to do is mirror my movements.

As we are going through my signature posing style, I will show you the photos as we take them so you can get an idea of how amazing you look. You’ll be surprised at how easy and fun this is. Totally not the nerve wrecking experience you may think it is going into it.



The Image Reveal

After our session, we will schedule your reveal session. Typically, I like to schedule this 1-2 weeks after our boudoir experience. At the reveal, you get to see your edited and retouched images for the first time on the big screen. It is cool to bring a bestie and a tissue because they maybe some high fives, jaw drops, and some happy tears of joy. We’ll select your favorites and I’ll start the album creating process.



Will you share my images?

I only share my images that clients have given written permission to do so. You get to decide what if anything is shared. During the reveal there is a separate form that you can decide if you give me permission to share any of your images. You also control if any names or social media tags are used as well.

What if I don’t know how to pose sexy?

Sexy isn’t a pose. It is a feeling of confidence, I will show you how to pose for the most flattering angles for your body type. Everyone is unique and I approach each client individually to create an experience that fits you.

I don’t have anything to wear?

During our consultation, I can provide you with some of my favorite places to shop. In addition, I offer a client lingerie wardrobe with different items for all shapes and sizes.